SEMPRA s.p. was established in the year 1957. Its main responsibility was breeding and seed production of vegetables, fruit and decorative plants for the whole Czech republic. It came through many organizational changes since the establishment until the year 1992.

SEMPRA PRAHA a.s. - The Joint Stock Company continues with formal tradition SEMPRA s.p. The headquarters of the company are in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Production activity is divided into 2 parts

Biological production Engineering production
  • New breeding, maintain breeding of fruit sorts, propagation and sale of fruit sorts, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, flax, rape and caraway seeds
  • Agricultural production
  • Production of greenhouses, iron constructions and galvanization.
  • It associates one engineering factory and 4 breeding stations (8 daughter organizations)

The main activity in area of breeding is new breeding of annual flowers, maintenance breeding of more than 250 varieties of flowers with the main interest in annual flower. The main sorts are Tagetes, Callistephus and Zinnia and much more.
We produce seeds Gloxinia and Begonia semperflorens. We grow some kinds of Hydrangea as well.
Our main task in the area of fruit trees is new breeding of apples, pears, raspberry and gooseberry. We carry out maintenance breeding in almost 200 fruit varieties in almost all the types of mild climate.
Specific activity is breeding of rape and flax. Our varieties are grown on 40% of the areas in the Czech Republic.

SEMPRA PRAHA a.s. is a member of expert organizations and unions in the Czech Republic.

SEMPRA PRAHA a.s. has a major share in the 7 daughter organizations that produce fruits, seeds of strawberry, and seeds of vegetable, pot flower and plant production.

SEMPRA PRAHA a.s cooperates with the main seeds and fruit companies in Europe and in the whole world. The main partner in the Czech Republic is seeds company SEMENA Veleliby a.s.

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